Not all supplements are created equal. Getting the right supplements that your body absorbs is the most important qualification for a supplement brand. Over the years, City Drug has researched and studied the brands that give their patients the best chance for success. Of the several brands that City Drug has researched and offers in our store, Ortho Molecular Products is one of our best.
Ortho Molecular Products was founded in 1989 with a vision to transform the practice of medicine. In the more than 30 years that followed, they have strived to fulfill that vision by partnering with health care practitioners and delivering evidence-based, high-quality nutritional solutions that consistently deliver results.

Throughout the functional medicine and nutraceutical industries, we are known for our commitment to quality and efficacy, and we don’t take that trust for granted. In everything we do, in every aspect of our business, excellence is our standard. Learn more about them at

Ortho Molecular Products